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How To Recycle Greywater For Your Lawn And Garden

Discover the benefits of recycling greywater for your lawn and garden, and learn about the different methods and precautions to take when reusing household wastewater.

Does your large lawn or garden need a lot of water to maintain? You can put the household greywater to use for this purpose.

Due to the nature of greywater, many homeowners get rid of it to maintain the cleanliness of their homes. However, they do not realise it can be a valuable resource for watering your lawn or garden. Not only does that reduce your water bills, but it also makes your gardening process more efficient.

But now you may ask - how to put this greywater to use? The answer is pretty simple - by using greywater recycling. And that is just what we have discussed in this article.

So, if you wish to learn how to collect and use greywater in your garden, read on!

What Is Greywater?

It is no secret that everyday household activities require a lot of water. You need water for your hygiene, cleaning your clothes, washing the dishes and performing other daily household tasks. And all the water generated from these activities is known as greywater.

So, to put it simply, greywater is the wastewater from dishwashers, washing machines, bathtubs, showers or kitchen sinks. As you can guess, this water contains a lot of contaminants and organic matter.

Here, it would be best to remember that greywater is different from other types of domestic wastewater, namely, black and yellow water. Black water comes from toilets and contains more contaminants than greywater and harmful pathogens. It also contains solid wastes like toilet paper, faeces, discarded food materials, etc.

Yellow water, on the other hand, is just urine waste. And while it is not as harmful as black water, it cannot be treated as easily as greywater either.

Having said that, you should know that not all greywater can be used for irrigating your garden. For instance, dark greywater has a higher concentration of chemical contaminants, making it unsuitable for this purpose.

Graywater Recyling

Benefits Of Greywater Recycling

There are several benefits to recycling greywater, as we have discussed below.

1. Saves Money

Obviously, the most significant benefit to recycling household greywater is a reduction of the money spent on water bills. This is especially true if your lawn requires a lot of water to irrigate. Thanks to this process, you can cut down your water spending to a great extent.

Water Garden Graywater

2. Conserves Water

There’s no denying that water is a precious resource; hence, it needs to be conserved. Thus, if you reuse water for irrigating the garden, you can drastically reduce your overall household consumption, which is excellent for water conservation.

3. Ensures A Steady Water Supply

Besides saving water, greywater recycling can be a great way to ensure a steady water supply when water restrictions are in place. For instance, you can use recycled greywater for your household or gardening needs if there is a water crisis.

4. Reduces The Amount Of Wastewater Sent To Sewage Facilities

Installing a greywater recycling system at your home lets you treat the wastewater right at the source. This means the water does not need to be sent to wastewater treatment or sewage facilities, ultimately taking the load off these systems.

5. Improves The Property Value

If there are greywater systems at your home, it will improve the efficiency of your household water supply. That, in turn, will make your property more alluring to potential buyers.

Collecting And Treating Greywater

Fixing Greywater Line

To recycle the greywater generated from your household activities, you’ll need to collect it first. For this purpose, you can use the tried and tested manual collection method or an automated collection system.

You have to collect the wastewater using a bucket if you choose the manual method. Place the bucket under different water fixtures, and the water will be collected over time. Conversely, in the automatic system, you can modify your household piping to drain all the greywater into a convenient storage tank.

After the collection is complete, you will need to treat the greywater to make it usable again. Installing a domestic water recycling system is the best way to do that. However, such a system can be expensive to install, and if you cannot afford it, you can treat the water with chlorine or iodine.

Using Greywater For Lawn And Garden Irrigation

While it may be unfit for human consumption, greywater contains different minerals and chemicals that can improve soil health and maintain a favourable soil pH. That is why it can be suitably used as irrigation water. All you need to do is connect the greywater system to your garden’s irrigation system, and you will be good to go.

For instance, you can connect the garden hoses and sprinkler systems to the wastewater storage tank using supply valves, which will help water your garden automatically. This is an excellent way to water vegetable, fruit or ornamental gardens year-round. In other words, you can use this strategy to nourish different fruit trees, vegetable plants and ornamental plants in your garden efficiently at all times.

Precautions And Safety Measures

Before you start to use household greywater in your garden or lawn, you should take the following precautions.

  • Do not store untreated greywater for more than a day
  • Install emergency cut-off systems to prevent backflow and water run-off
  • Avoid using this basic water on acid-loving plants
  • Never use greywater for plants where the edible parts touch the ground

Revitalise Your Lawn & Garden With Recycled Greywater

If you ask us, we’d strongly suggest installing such a system in your household. Yes, we understand that getting a dedicated greywater recycling system can be a pricey affair. But believe us - the benefits of such a system far outweigh the drawbacks.

Besides, considering the amount of money you will save on your monthly water bills, this will hardly be an issue in the long term.

On that note, installing this system can be tricky. If you do not have any DIY experience or are unsure about installing it by yourself, you don’t have to worry.

Here at Fixed Today Plumbing, we have a team of expert plumbers in Sydney who can get this job done quickly and affordably. If you live in Sydney and want to install such a system, you can get in touch with us at any time!

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