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Penrith Gas Leak Detection Project

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Our customer reached out to us as he suspected that he had a gas leak. There was a slight gas smell coming from his cabinet. The client also requested that we help him with a new outdoor gas line to a bbq point.

How we helped

We first conducted a gas leak detection at the Penrith residence to pinpoint where the leak was coming from and we traced the gas piping.

We found a gas leak coming from the main gas meter and we repaired it on the spot. Whilst we were there, we also brought to the homeowner that the gas cooktop was faulty.

The client decided to switch to an electric and we disconnected the appliance safely, ready for their new installation at a later date.

Our second stage of works was to supply a new gas connection. We began by tapping into the gas line under the property.

We then supplied and installed all new copper piping than ran under the decking and finished off by supplying and installing a new gas bayonet point for the BBQ.

We tested the gas connection and pipework a few times to ensure there were no leaks present and cleaned up our work area.


The gas pipe is working perfectly and the client has a new gas pint for their BBQ area.

Under House Leak Detection

Gas Fitting in Deck

Under House Fitting Gas Line

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